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Reusable Chopsticks Woodworking Experience for Secondary School Students

Wut6Muk6 (by Wood Living Co.) recently organized a woodwork chopsticks workshop for 136 Form 1 students from a Secondary School in Kwun Tong. In which, instructors taught students how to operate traditional Chinese woodworking tools.

Students made a reusable pair of wooden chopsticks by personally using these tools to process the wooden material, giving them hands-on experience of woodworking.

Not only did students grasp how to operate those tools, but also came to realize the uniqueness of simple everyday items, and get to appreciate the spirit of craftsmenship.

On-campus woodworking courses
Special STEAM day
On-campus woodworking courses
On-campus woodworking courses
Using the Chinese woodworking plane to shave the cypress wood gave off such a wonderful aroma!
Tools for woodworking course
The school even purchased new woodworking desks for the course, so that students can experience the fusion of old and new.

A special angle shaving tool for making chopsticks was designed, helping students understand mathematical principles that are widely applied in the product manufacturing process.

Through making chopsticks, students get to have an opportunity to learn traditional cultural crafts, while also recognizing the importance of sustainable development.


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