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Mu, let us meet

It's fate, and it's also inevitable

-The wood connects us.

Educational service social enterprise, wood art inheritance and sharing, exploring the possibility of local resources

Living wood brings wood art into your life, giving you a wonderful experience of interacting with nature.


Through living wood, we value local wood resources in our creations and convey the core values of environment, society and corporate governance (ESG). We believe that by creating interactions with wood, we can achieve the goal of sustainable development while improving the quality of life for different levels of society.

In response to the learning needs of local school children after the epidemic, we provide Slöjd handicraft holistic training, allowing school children to develop creativity, discipline, organization, improve concentration and delicate touch through learning wood crafts. We believe that Slöjd's hand-made holistic training can inspire students' potential, enhance their learning motivation, and allow students to gain more fun and sense of accomplishment in the learning process.


Even though the city is small, you can still find its oases. We work with you to create a home environment filled with the warmth and natural atmosphere of wood. Whether it is carefully designed furniture, unique decorations or practical daily necessities, the wood art works we create together will bring unique style and texture to the users. Fill your living space with the warmth of wood and make every day a beautiful moment of harmony with nature.

Wood Living "Wut6Muk6" Wood Living, we use wood art as a medium to bring you a better and richer life.

Our Team.

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